Expands in Brazil

After over 20 years of operating in South America, we’re proud to announce the opening of our new offices in Belem, Brazil! This new addition to our growing family will coordinate material inspection and procurement, as well as help our U.S. offices keep track of all permits authenticated by the Brazilian government.

Along with legal documentation, our offices in Belem will keep records of all the timber we harvest in order to improve the harvesting process and help our import department maintain the level of quality our customers expect.

We’ve always been dedicated to delivering the best Brazilian hardwood while caring for the environment. This new location assures our buyers that we’re taking even greater steps to guarantee all our wood is legally and sustainably harvested to maintain compliance with the Lacey Act.

With the opening of the Belem offices, we continue to take meticulous steps in tracking and keeping records of our lumber from the source to the job site so our customers can be proud of their deck. This is something many of our competitors can’t do because much their wood is acquired through traders or brokers who can not accurately account for the chain of custody.

We’re excited to solidify our presence in Brazil. This expansion will help us continue to deliver the high standard of quality that has defined for over two decades.

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