Wood of The Month: Persimmon

Persimmon is a native tree species to North America and is most commonly known for its fruit rather than its wood. Persimmon is actually part of the Ebony family and is commonly referred as White Ebony, because the tree is comprised of a lot of white sap wood with a small core of darker heartwood.

Since Persimmon is mainly constructed of sap wood, it’s not a wood that’s used for decking or furniture making. Persimmon is used in very unique and specific items such as: golf club heads (wooden non-metal ones) drum sticks, tool handles and other items that require high shock absorption. The high shock absorption characteristic comes from the great elastic properties it has. Persimmon has also been used as veneer for many furniture pieces thanks to its elasticity.  Although Persimmon is composed mainly of sapwood, it can have blunting effects of cutting tools, but it is very workable with hand tools.

At AdvantageLumber.com we take pride in manufacturing wood to any specifications that you need. This persimmon was cut down and kiln dried to a humidity level acceptable for the customer. All of this customization is done in house so we can reduce costs that ultimately get passed down to you.

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