The Eco-friendly Art Deco Decking

We've brought back South Beach's Art Deco Decking
We’ve brought back South Beach’s Art Deco Decking

Art Deco is one of the classic styles of building that was made famous during the 1920’s – 1940’s. This style is characterized by narrow, bold geometrical shapes that are usually lavishly ornamented. In many areas across the United States like South Beach, the eclectic Art Deco style has begun a renaissance but not in traditional buildings rather in other structures like decks, porches, and siding of houses.

At we’ve brought back a profile that’s suited for the Art Deco style but is also more eco-friendly and an overall more stable material. Our new 5/4×5 (1”x4 ½” finished dimension) is narrower than the traditional 5/4×6 decking. This new profile has many benefits which include:

  • A stronger resistance to cupping thanks to its narrower dimension
  • Narrower design that adds depth to the visual appeal
  • A product that utilizes more of the tree. Reducing waste.
  • Profile that is being used in many high end condos and hotels.

This new art deco decking, can be milled to any of our profiles which include:

  • Tongue & Groove
  • Pre-Grooved
  • Shiplap
  • Rainscreen
  • V-Groove

This new profile decking material will allow more creativity when building structures without the worry of the material cupping or warping. The new art deco decking is in stock now and is being offered at a DISCOUNTED PRICE on all orders over $1500.

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