Save up to 15% with Advantage 1×6 +Plus® – The “Just Right” Decking Material

Advantage 1×6 +Plus® Decking is 1/8″ thinner and costs less than 5/4×6 material. As the standard decking size in Europe (traditionally known as 21mm Decking), Advantage 1×6 +Plus® is the perfect solution to budget-conscious homeowners who want greater durability but not a greater price. Indeed, it really is the “Goldilocks” decking material.

Available in both Ipe and Cumaru, Advantage 1×6 +Plus® comes in standard, pre-grooved, and tongue and groove options. So whether you’re replacing your old pine or composite deck, or in need of a material for a new dock, use a material that is “just right.”

Benefits include:

  • Greater resistance to cupping.
  • Homeowners save an average of 10% and more!
  • Available in standard, pre-grooved, and tongue and groove options.
  • A more solid and stable alternative to 1×6.
  • A cheaper, more cost effective alternative to 5/4×6.

Visit our Advantage 1×6 +Plus® Decking page to watch a video testimonial from a contractor who has first hand experience using this excellent decking material. To get a free quote, call 1-877-232-3915.

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