Ipe Decking Is Eco-Friendly & Beautiful

Few things in life are as refreshing as stepping out onto your ipe wood deck to enjoy the company of friends, loved ones, or just to have a moment of solitude. Homeowners who are looking to upgrade or replace their existing patio and outdoor entertainment area are turning to ipe in droves for many reasons.

The reasons why people are choosing ipe decking include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Better return on investment
  • A fresh and beautiful look that lasts
  • Increased resistance to mold, mildew, & fungi
  • Natural repellent to termite & other insect infestation
  • Ipe is eco-friendly

Also known as Brazilian walnut, ipe is a dark brown wood that comes from surprisingly versatile trees. The Tabebuia Serratifolia tree can measure a maximum height of around 150 feet and often has a trunk diameter of around 6 feet. Contrary to what you may have heard, ipe is not an endangered species and grows in a variety of places throughout Central and South America. In fact, ipe is as abundant in Brazil as yellow pine is in the United States.

The wood for ipe decking can be responsibly cultivated in managed forests that have been certified by the respected Forest Stewardship Council. The process to get FSC certified is laborious, time-consuming, and ultimately worth every second. When we, as a leading eco-friendly ipe wood importer, promote responsible forestry practices, consumers, retailers, contractors, and manufacturers start to see the value in using FPC certified woods. At Advantage Trim & Lumber we hope that when you step out on your new ipe deck, you will breathe easier knowing that you have an eco-friendly deck that is still the envy of the neighborhood.

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