Odds and Ends

You can achieve beautiful results with random pull decking orders.

Did you know there is an extensive amount of lumber wasted when manufacturing mills cut decking to even lengths? For example, to produce 12’ boards they’ll take 13’ boards, cut them down to even length, and discard the cut offs leaving massive piles of beautiful hardwood to waste.

To make the most out of every tree harvested, AdvantageLumber.com offers decking boards in 1 foot increments in lengths from 2’ to 22’. A good way to use both even and odd lengths of decking while minimizing waste,  is to use 12” ONC* framing for your project. Not only does this building practice reduce excessive waste of a valuable resource, it also results in a deck that offers greater structural stability for minimal to no extra cost. You may ask yourself how this is possible when there would be extra framing material being used compared to building a deck with traditional 16” ONC framing. Well the answer is simple: the cost of the extra framing is outweighed by the savings you’ll get by utilizing the full length of every deck board.

Similar practices to minimize waste are used in the flooring industry.  According to an investigation conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, “Manufacturers of flooring successfully sell odd and even lengths, thus lessening waste in the woods, at the mill, and in the construction of buildings.” By employing the same practices in the decking industry, we can make the most out of all material harvested.  It helps eliminate needless waste and is an economical building solution. Consider adding odd length boards to your project design today.


* Check your local building codes before starting any construction project.

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