The Isrotel Beresheet in Israel Shines on the Mount Thanks to Ipe Wood

The Beresheet Resort has a gorgeous view of the Ramon Crater, and was designed using Ipe. Photo by Assaf Pinchuk
The Beresheet Resort has a gorgeous view of the Ramon Crater, and was designed using Ipe decking.
Photo by Assaf Pinchuk

The Isrotel Beresheet is a luxurious hotel located in Israel’s Negev Desert. This resort, whose name means “genesis” in Hebrew, has over 40 buildings and 111 rooms, making it one of the most lavish and prime tourist destinations in all of Israel.

What’s unique about this resort is the fact that it lies on the edge of the Ramon Crater. The Ramon Crater is a geological feature of the Negev Desert, and isn’t actually a crater, but a deep, long, wide valley. Every single room in this resort has a gorgeous view of the desert, and when you’re not catching a glimpse of the landscape, you can gaze at the amazing architecture of the 40 buildings which feature Ipe wood decking.

The Negev Desert is a dry and arid region that sees little rain. When it does rain, it’s in small amounts from November to February. The winters are cool and humid and the summers are dry and hot. Over the course of a year, the temperature can range from 39º to 100º Fahrenheit. Even in one day the temperature can range from 100º F during the day to 70º at night. Sandstorms also put a damper in the environment because they can show up at any minute, often without warning. This varying climate seems as if it would be detrimental to any type of building material, right?  Wrong.

Ipe is a hardwood that can withstand the every day impacts of Mother Nature. When it does rain, the tight grain of each board repels water intrusion, and when the weather does dry out, Ipe will resist the warping, cracking associated with weaker deck materials. Its strength and density contribute to its world-famous structural integrity. Not even a sandstorm can alter the reliability of the decking, The Isrotel Beresheet is proof this Ipe deck material is made to last.

As for the Isrotel Beresheet in Israel, the varying weather, humidity, dryness occasional sandstorm, that is experienced throughout the year is no a match for the exotic hardwood. It will last for decades, and will continue to provide its guests with a gorgeous place to enjoy the sunsets.

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