Commercial Uses for Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is not just for decking and flooring. Many people are using this versatile hardwood for siding, and even wall applications. In addition, it’s not uncommon to see docks, wharfs, and even bridges use ipe decking.

Some very famous landmarks have used ipe hardwood including the Brooklyn Bridge walkway, Las Vegas’ Treasure Island, and many famous boardwalks across the country including the Atlantic City and Miami Boardwalks.

If you read this blog often, it’s easy to see why ipe decking is used for many commercial applications. Whenever the elements might be an issue, there is no doubt that you have to use the very best wood materials.


Think about it…If you’re a dock builder in Florida, or anywhere along the Gulf and Atlantic Coast and you know that hurricanes, strong storms, and tides are going to be an issue throughout the year, why wouldn’t you invest in docking material that will stand the test of time and require as little maintenance as possible?

The same goes for other commercial applications. It doesn’t matter if you own a waterfront restaurant, or a two-story walkway or patio, ipe wood is a workable solution that can also bring your commercial project recognition because ipe hardwood are eco-friendly.

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