Ipe Meets and/or Exceeds Local Building Codes for Snow Load

Originating from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean, Ipe is prized for its strength. You can find ipe decking in commercial applications such as boardwalks and siding as well as marine environments. Piers and docks are ideal locations for this hardwood as well as decks and interior flooring.

Areas with extreme weather benefit greatly from this tropical hardwood especially due to the heavy weight of snow. Due to this exotic hardwood’s immense amount of bending strength (22,560 psi), you can rest assured that under a few feet of snow, ipe can handle alot.

NOTE: Local building codes require a more dense wood for applications where snow will accumulate and sit for long periods of time. Ipe meets and exceeds the local building codes for many applications. Don’t skimp out and use an inferior wood that will have to be replaced in 5-10 years. Ipe is 8x’s harder than the California redwood and will last over 100 years with one application of UV enhancer.

Be sure to check with your local building code inspector for confirmation.

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