Green Bay City Deck: Ipe Outperforms!

Ipe was a great choice for the City Deck because of its strength and durability.
Ipe was a great choice for the Green Bay City Deck because of its strength, durability, and proven performance in cold climates.

Green Bay, Wisconsin is world famous for the Green Bay Packers. However, this football team is not the only thing this city has. It’s a thriving industrial metropolis that sits on the mouth of the Fox River, and the Bay of Green Bay, which opens up to Lake Michigan.

Back in 2004, Green Bay proposed a boardwalk spanning four city blocks that would sit on the Fox River. The city wanted to combine the social and ecological life along the waterfront, and believed a city boardwalk to be the best approach. Construction began in 2008. The plan was to bring pedestrians to Fox River and supply them access to boat docks, pedestrian walkways, and stage areas for all sorts of gatherings. Construction concluded in 2010, nearly two years after the project began.

The weather in Green Bay varies greatly. The winters are famously long, cold, and snowy. Summers in Green Bay can be warm and humid. This extreme weather changes calls for a decking that will outperform others in terms of durability and prolonged performance during decades of freeze/thaw cycles. Ipe Decking was chosen by the architectural team as the material that would best perform under these conditions.

Ipe is naturally weather resistant. And, even though it matures to a sleek silver after a while, Ipe maintains its strength and integrity over many years. This outdoor space is designed to bring numerous amounts of people together throughout the year, and is holding up remarkably. So when it comes to creating, or replacing, your own personal outdoor space, think of the people and city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. If this City Deck can tackle on that, then your personal space will endure even longer.

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