U.S. Postal Service – Uses Ipe Wood for Green Roof Project

Who says the US Government can’t do anything right?

Recently, the United States Postal Service unveiled its new Green Roof for one of its major mail processing facilities. As a New York City native, I can tell you that the building in question is H-U-G-E. This building is so big, that when they decided to promote eco-friendly products as well as promoting energy efficiency, they were creating the largest green roof in all of New York City.

What makes this green building project even worth mentioning? Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, they used ipe wood as part of the green roof project! What’s even better is that they chose FSC ipe!

Once again, this proves that ipe wood is fast becoming a standard hardwood when it comes to green building projects and eco-friendly construction. I’m happy about this because in a tough city like New York, it’s great that they chose the toughest wood possible for such a wonderful project.

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