How Sun Exposure Effects How Much You Enjoy Your Deck

During those hot summer days, decks that face east will get a lot of sun and little shade.

Before you choose a specific deck design, it is always a good idea to consider yearly sun exposure. Knowing how much, or how little sun and shade to expect during the seasons will help you maximize how much you enjoy your new outdoor living space.

For instance, if your new deck is built on the north side of your home, it will get very little sun. This is especially important for anyone who gets a lot of sun (and heat during the year). Having more shade is a definite treat if you live in hotter climates like (i.e. Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.). You’ll be able to BBQ, relax, and enjoy the day without having to worry about running inside to beat the heat. However, if you live in a colder climate, this kind of northern exposure can mean you’ll get more shade and experience even cooler temps on that side of the deck. Also, the angle of the sun relative to the horizon is another factor you can also consider; especially if you plan on adding trees, plants or other accessories to your deck.

Check out these 3d composites that estimate how much sun and shade you can expect from your new deck:

In the later afternoon hours, you can expect the summer sun to cast a bit more shade on both the north and east side of your home.
During a Fall or Spring morning, you can expect your home to cast long shadows over your deck.
During the Fall and Spring, the late afternoon sun starts to set and there are longer shadows to the north and east.
If you’re the adventurous type, you can enjoy a brisk winter morning even though the sun is at its lowest point.
Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa outside on your deck after work. But be sure to stay warm because the sun sets low and to the south.

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