Enclosed Decks, A Space Connecting You To The Outdoors

This remodeled porch has a warm atmosphere thanks to Tongue & Groove decking from AdvantageLumber.com

A sunroom or enclosed deck can serve as a transition point between the inside of a house and the great outdoors. As long as you choose the right decking material, a fully enclosed deck orcovered porch can provide an relaxing environment.

Here’s what you need to consider when building an enclosed deck:

  • Functionality: This is the most important as it dictates the location of your deck. You’ll need to consider things like whether or not the deck is going to be attached to your home and what type of amenities it will need to include (stairways, outdoor kitchen, bar, electronics, etc.). Usually all enclosed structures serve as either an extended outdoor family room, or an outdoor dining area, or maybe both.
  • Appropriate scale: The new structure should be visually proportional and not overpower the rest of the house.
  • Structural details are important: Slope the floor of the enclosed structure for appropriate drainage.
  • Select weather-resistant materials: Choose solid naturally decay-resistant wood for structural members like Tongue and Groove Ipe that is twice as dense as most woods and up to 5 times harder. Ipe has a very high fire rating, comes in long lengths and can withstand strong winds. It’s vibrant, rich in color and has a fine grain quality.
  • Flooring options: The flooring of your new enclosed structure is front and center so choosing the right one is very important. Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Garapa, and Cumaru with the Tongue and Groove profile are very popular, long lasting, maintenance free, and beautiful.

Any season is the right time to build an enclosed deck:

  • Save money: With out doubts, prices on building materials are destined to go up again. If you start the construction sooner, you will be saving money because you will have begun before prices rise again in the upcoming years.
  • Monthly discounts: Subscribe to the AdvantageLumber.com monthly newsletter to find good deals on exotic hardwood and other items. This is another benefit that will give you the ability to stretch your dollar further than if you were purchasing these items in peak season.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cool Chardonnay on a 95° day, a warm cup of hot cocoa on a chilly fall evening, or want to expand your holiday party outdoors, you and your guests will enjoy your home like never before.

Exotic hardwood from AdvantageLumber.com will transform your deck into a fabulous, new enclosed porch or sunroom!

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