With Ipe Prices Rising, Contractors & Architects Turn To Cumaru Decking

Buffalo, NY August 25, 2011

As with any commodity, a rise in worldwide demand and a constrained supply have led to wild upswings in the price of hardwoods like Ipe decking. Even the rush to construct buildings for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics in Brazil has led to Ipe decking becoming scarce and more expensive. In addition to supply and demand factors, fluctuating exchange rates and a weakening dollar have contributed to the increased cost of Ipe decking. Even domestic species have had similar price increases. Bad weather has had a profound impact on hardwood supply by hindering the ability of logging companies to harvest timber. This, in turn, drives prices up even for popular domestic species.

What does this all mean for the average American homeowner, or contractor? Decking options like Cumaru wood are plentiful, low-cost, and a solid, long-lasting alternative to Ipe. According to Jon Fletcher, Sales Manager of Advantage Lumber, LLC, “The difference between Ipe and Cumaru in terms of overall strength is just 2%. The difference in hardness is only 4%. However, the price per lineal foot difference is close to 40%. That is a significant savings that shaves hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, off the cost of both residential home and large scale commercial projects. Many contractors report back to us that their customers are very happy with the overall look and feel of our Cumaru decking.” Here are some additional benefits of Cumaru decking:

  • Responsibly harvested from managed forests
  • Up to 40% savings compared to Ipe & composites
  • Attractive colors from reddish brown to honey brown
  • Low maintenance with a 25 year life span
  • Excellent mold, rot and decay resistance
  • Splinter and knot free makes Cumaru safe for bare feet
  • Durable for both commercial or residential applications
  • 100% natural, chemical free material

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