Hardwood 101 – White Oak Lumber

White Oak lumber
White oak lumber is a proven material that wears well, even in extreme conditions.

White Oak trees (botanically called Quercus Alba) grow throughout much of eastern North America and can reach heights of 70 to 80 feet, with diameters of 2 to 3 feet. White oaks vary in color from light tan to pale yellow-brown with a pinkish tinge.

Its sapwood is white to very light brown, while its heartwood is light to dark brown. It has a straight open grain and a medium to coarse texture. White oak is somewhat more figured than red oak, and has longer rays.

With a Janka hardness of 1360, white oak wood is hard, strong, and durable. It has good strength properties, including medium bending and crushing strengths. It is an excellent steam bending wood and is great when it comes to wear resistance.

White oak is an important source of wood for boat building, cabinetmaking, joinery, furniture, interior trim, ladder rungs, flooring, veneer, paneling, and plywood. It is also commonly used for railroad ties, fence posts, shingles, and woven baskets.

Take a look at these centuries old, rare canal boats made of white oak. They were discovered after an unusually strong thunderstorm in Chicago, Illinois.

When you read the article, you’ll see how well the white oak held up, despite being under water and in the ground for over 100 years!

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