Deep Frying a Turkey? Watch These Videos & Stay Away From Your Deck!

deep frying turkey
This is NOT going to end well for Doug, or his deck.

Doug isn’t even finished building his brand new deck when he got the “brilliant” idea of hosting Turkey Day on his half-built deck. To make matters worse, he’s going to deep fry a turkey for the very first time. He forgot to thaw it out…but, with the clock ticking toward the football game, he’s decided to rush through and cook the turkey half-frozen…. That is a horrible, horrible and dangerous idea…why?

This Thanksgiving, for the love of all that’s good and decent in this world, please don’t deep fry a frozen turkey on your deck, or anywhere else for that matter! While this might be common sense to some of you, many people falsely assume that you can deep fry a frozen turkey like they do frozen french fries at a fast food restaurant. Not true. In fact, as you will see in this video, deep frying a frozen turkey is extremely dangerous. The oil and fire that explodes out of the fryer will pretty much end your Thanksgiving really quickly and send you to the hospital.

Ultimately, while it’s all good to laugh at a cartoon, there will be people in this country who will attempt to deep fry their very first turkey. I know that I’ll be one of them. So, I’ll be following the directions I found over at Fabulous Foods on how to deep fry a turkey.

Everyone here at Advantage Trim & Lumber would like to wish you and your loved ones a truly wonderful, and safe, Thanksgiving! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get special holiday savings on many of our lumber products!

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