Ipe Post & Caps Available At AdvantageLumber.com

Advantage Trim & Lumber has a full selection of ipe post and post caps available.
Advantage Lumber has a full selection of ipe post and post caps available.

When you’re looking for ipe deck design ideas in this blog or through magazines, one thing you’ll notice is how many of the decks that are featured include a deck rail system around the perimeter of the deck. Of course, when your deck is multi-leveled and higher off the ground, these deck rail systems become a necessary part of building a safe and sound structure.

This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre systems that have average or below standard parts. In fact, those same high-end decks usually incorporate the same hardwood. Some decks like the one pictured above can blend materials like ipe and wrought-iron to provide a nice, aesthetic contrast that matches the strength of both materials.  When it comes to building an ipe deck, you’ll need ipe post and post caps to really make your rail system as strong and as elegant as your new deck.

At Advantage Lumber, we stock both ipe posts and post caps. You can buy an ipe post with dimensions of 7×7 and up to a length of 4 ft! Our deck posts have the following features:

  • Milled to exact dimensions
  • We inspect each post before it gets shipped
  • Easily withstands the harshest environmental conditions
  • Cover and protect pressure treated posts
  • Posts and post caps made from premium grade ipe

Contact us today to get just the right amount of ipe decking material including essential deck parts like ipe posts and post caps.

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  1. I love the design of your hand rails. What size Ipe posts are pictured in your website picture? Do you have any pictures of hand rails that use the aluminum sections pictured here with a straight Ipe hand rail flush across the top (with out any post caps)? I would love to see what that simple clean design looks like…..Debbie

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