Cocobolo Now Available

The response to the news that we have increased our inventory of cocobolo has been overwhelming! Turners and woodworkers across the United States have been calling us asking us about the recent influx of Mexican cocobolo that has just reached our lumber mill. Thank you for your interest and for your orders!

Cocobolo wood being sawed in Mexico.
Cocobolo wood being sawed in Mexico.

If you’re new to working with this exotic hardwood, be sure to wear adequate protection since the dust can be a mild irritant to skin.

Order Cocobolo

Buy cocobolo from and you will have your shipment to your door in days, not weeks. We look forward to being your number one source for cocobolo and other fine exotic and domestic hardwoods.

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  1. Hi there!

    Im an acoustic guitar builder from Finland, and im wondering if you’re able to offer quartersawn cocobolo boards? And at what price and sizes?

    Best regards,

    Simon Sundfors, Finland

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