Wholesale Ipe Decking Chosen for Boynton Beach Boardwalk Renovation

Great news! In an effort to reinvigorate the local economy, the city of Boynton Beach, FL has announced that it will be renovating some of its local parks. According to this article from the Sun-Sentinel, Oceanfront Park will be getting a face-lift as well. They will be replacing their boardwalk that is currently made from composite decking with ipe decking!

According to article, Executive Director of the Recreation and Parks Department, Wally Majors said that, “ipe is a strong, dense wood with very high wear durability in daily use, and is resistant to splintering and checking.”

He goes on to say some other glowing things about ipe, but I’ll let you read it for yourself:-)

Clearly, this decision by the city of Boynton Beach proves once again that when it comes to getting the most for your money, ipe decking is the best choice. Sure, they could have kept their current boardwalk, but they made the decision for a reasons that are, quite frankly, practical.

Cities across the country have chosen ipe for their boardwalks because of the indisputable face that it is a superior decking product and will save the city maintenance and repair costs for decades to come.

Wholesale Decking

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