Amazing Furniture from a Self-Taught Woodworker

Whether you’re a contractor building a large-scale deck or an artist perfecting a turned pen, we’ll not only supply the lumber you need, we’ll also help make your project a success with our extensive woodworking knowledge. When you’re done, show off your hard work by sending us pictures!

One of our customers has done just that. Séamus, a self-taught woodworker, recently finished three gorgeous furniture pieces using our line of exotic and domestic lumber. Check out his photos below and be inspired.

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Looking for a Hobby for 2011? Try Woodworking

Maybe it’s because I’m still infused with the holiday spirit, but I really feel that woodworking is a one-of-a-kind tradition that will never go away. Just look through our Hardwood Lumber 101 series and you’ll see that from religious manuscripts to stone age doors, hardwoods have been a critical part of the building of our …

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