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Central Park Benches – Ipe Provided by AdvantageLumber.com

Central Park is a New York City landmark unlike any other. Since I grew up in New York City, I can tell you that when you walk through the park for just a few minutes, you’ll forget that you’re in a city of over 8 million people. There are so many hidden treasures and features that go under appreciated. One of the main things that goes unnoticed are the park benches.

If you can imagine, when you have literally thousands of people sitting on a bench on a given day, it’s important to use a material that will:

  • Stand the test of time
  • Withstand bitter cold winters along with hot and humid summers
  • Be resilient in the face of heavy use

Is it any wonder that the City of New York chose ipe wood for their park benches? Continue reading

Ipe Decking Replaces Aluminum Deck in New Jersey

After years of wrangling and dissatisfaction with their metal deck, the residents of Ventnor, NJ finally got their wish. They replaced their aluminum deck with one made of ipe wood decking.

According to the Courier Post, “People constantly complain about the aluminum,” said Ventnor Mayor Theresa Kelly. “The slightest moisture makes it slippery for walking, jogging or bike riding. We were completing the boardwalk anyway so we thought we should complete it all.”

That’s not sales talk. That’s after years of use and experience from everyday people.

At AdvantageLumber.com, we are wholesale decking suppliers. To get wholesale ipe prices, contact us today and we’ll get your shipping container or truckload of ipe wood out to you fast.

Deck Design of the Week – The Belmont Street Lofts

Deck Design of the Week

The Belmont Street Lofts in Portland, Oregon

The first thing you’ll notice when you see the pictures of the Belmont Street Lofts is that there is no visible use of decking. However, what you will see is how the architectural firm Froelich Consulting Engineers created this mixed-use commercial project with ipe. These mixed-use lofts really stand out with the use of rainscreens and ipe siding.

Benefits of ipe siding include:

  • Durability even in the most brutal environmental conditions
  • Ipe maintains its strength over time
  • It is a natural product
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Contains absolutely no chemicals or preservatives
  • All of our Ipe Rainscreens & Siding is free of any chemically produced additives

Contact AdvantageLumber.com today and ask about special wholesale ipe prices for wood rainscreens or siding.