Tigerwood Engineered Hardwood Flooring vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring: Differences and Best Uses

tigerwood flooring

If your mind is set on installing Tigerwood flooring and you are trying to decide between engineered and solid then read on as we discuss the differences. Engineered Tigerwood flooring is typically always more affordable than solid Tigerwood flooring but there are some differences in how they are made and where they can be installed. …

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What is Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring?

Tigerwood Flooring

Tigerwood flooring, also known as Brazilian Koa or Goncalo Alves, is a strikingly beautiful hardwood species native to South America. This exotic hardwood is renowned for its unique and vibrant appearance, featuring a rich reddish-brown hue with dramatic dark brown or black striping, resembling the coat of a tiger. Its distinct grain patterns and natural …

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See Advantage Tigerwood Lumber & Flooring Used in Beachfront Restaurant

Advantage Tigerwood is one of the most versatile products we carry. Already famous as a decking material, the beauty of our Tigerwood is also available as a wood siding, lumber, and flooring option. We recently visited a large restaurant building project in Clearwater, Florida where our Tigerwood was used for a wide range of applications. …

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