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Deck Design of the Week – Courtyard Made w/ Ipe Decking & Siding

Deck Design of the Week

Oakland Home Uses Ipe to Make Gorgeous Courtyard

If you’ve ever thought of building a courtyard for your outdoor living area, then this Oakland home should serve as some great inspiration.

Designed by the Ohashi Design Studio in Emeryville, CA, this deck design captures you immediately especially when you see how they incorporated the extremely large oak tree right in the middle of the courtyard. Of course, they utilized both ipe decking and ipe siding to create this modern looking, yet very warm space.

For pictures of how the Ashmount Residence Garden and deck, visit the photo gallery at the Ohashi Design website. The innovation that went into this design is truly stunning and definitely worth remembering as you look for unique deck designs.

At Advantage, we sell ipe decking as well as many other hardwoods that will make a deck like this possible. Best of all, right now, we’re running a decking sale. In fact, we’re running TWO simultaneous sales to give you even more opportunity to buy ipe, plus other unique and exotic hardwoods.

Deck Design of the Week – The U-House by Natalie Dionne

Deck Design of the Week

The U-House by Natalie Dionne

This week’s Deck Design of The Week takes us to Canada where ipe decking is used to not just create a wonderful outdoor living space, but also how you can create one large home just by connecting them with a deck! The designer of this wonderful home and office space is Natalie Dionne.

It won’t take long for you to notice how beautiful the finished ipe deck looks, especially after it’s wet. Did you know that ipe wood has high slip resistance? In fact, yesterday I was looking over some ipe decking samples that we have available and accidentally spilled my water all over some 1×6 ipe deck boards.

Once I wiped the board with a paper towel, I noticed right away how quickly the ipe was drying. What’s more is that when I rubbed my hand over the damp piece of ipe, the deck board was not slippery, at all.  Ipe is naturally slip resistant due to its interlocked and fibrous grain. This creates a natural, some would say fuzzy, texture that keeps it from being slippery.

With this in mind, it makes perfect senses why an accomplished designer such as Mr. Dionne would choose ipe for her own personal home and work space.

At AdvantageLumber.com, we are currently running our Fall ipe decking sale.  With these low ipe prices, it is now possible to buy ipe and build a beautiful deck before the winter months. Building a deck now will ensure that when Spring rolls around, you’ll have a beautiful and captivating space to enjoy the warm days and cool nights.

Buy Ipe On Sale – Holiday Decking Sale!

The price of Ipe and other hardwood decking has never been lower!

The price of Ipe and other hardwood decking has never been lower!

GREAT NEWS! Advantage Lumber is running a Holiday decking sale!

So, if you’re looking to build a deck, but are waiting for when the price is right, now is the time to check out our extensive inventory.

Currently, these lines of exotic hardwood are on sale:

  • Ipe Decking
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Check out the Advantage Lumber Holiday decking prices and you’ll see how affordable it is to build a hardwood deck that will look great and will  last for decades!