Siding Installation Pro Tips: Exterior Housewrap – Its Purpose & Application

Housewrap is your home’s last defense against the damaging effects of rot. They are constructed to be water and UV resistant, as well as handle years of abuse in different climates. If a home is constructed without properly installing housewrap and siding , the insulated framing cavities can get wet and can lead to rapid rot and decay. When installed properly, housewraps will keep the water out, and keep the structure of your home dry.

What is Housewrap?

Housewrap is a water-resistant synthetic material that protects the structure of your home from moisture damage. Not only does it protect your home against ice and water intrusion, it also creates a drainage plane, allowing water to evaporate before seeping into your home’s structure. This material usually contains polymers, nylon, or fiberglass and comes in large rolls for easy application. By acting as an insulator and reducing the exchange of airflow, housewrap can also save you money in energy bills.

Is Tar Paper a Good Housewrap Alternative?

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