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Deck Lighting 101 – Recessed Lighting Options: What You Need to Know

Recessed deck lighting is a great addition to a stair case.

Recessed deck lighting is a great addition to a stair case.

Whether you want to illuminate your deck, stairs, doorways, or pathways, recessed lighting is the perfect choice.

Recessed light fixtures add the perfect touch to you outdoor setting. Not only are they easy on your eyes, but the light it gives will provide you with a sense of safety. You can rest assured that recessed light fixtures will not become a trip hazard since they do not protrude outwards.

Recessed light fixtures tend to be more expensive than mounted lights. But the chic and modern look you will get is undeniably worth it. Recessed fixtures can be covered by falling leaves and debris but are easily swept away.

Recessed deck lighting packages have easy to follow instructions.

Recessed deck lighting packages have easy to follow instructions.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, recessed deck lighting is easy to install.  There are several types of recessed light fixtures on the market, including solar-powered, low voltage and line voltage. Recessed light fixtures are available with incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs.

Recessed lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate any style.  The shapes available are oval, round, square and rectangular.

Whatever the style of your outdoor space is, recessed lighting can make your backyard stand out from the rest.  Order your recessed deck lighting today from

Deck Lighting 101 – Low Voltage, Line, or Solar Power Sources?

What kind of power source will work best for your unique deck? Read on to find out!

What kind of power source will work best for your unique deck? Read on to find out!

Deciding what kind of power you want for your deck lighting is the first step.

You want to illuminate your outdoor space with the best light fixtures available. The question is what is the best choice for your deck?

The first question you need to answer is based on the three main power sources for various Deck lighting options: Low-voltage, Line, or Solar? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each power source.


Deck Lighting Transformer

Low-voltage Pros:

The most popular type of lighting is low-voltage lights. Low-voltage lights pose no danger of shock since they have simple connections.  Because low-voltage lighting is safe to install, you will not need to hire an electrician.  However, transformers are limited to how many lights they can carry. As for our line of lights, you can put 30 lights to one transformer.

Low-voltage cons:

A downside to large amounts of low-voltage light fixtures is that the transformer evenly distributes light, causing dim lighting. If you have a large deck with lots of light fixtures, then you will need multiple transformers to make sure you get the amount of lighting you desire.

Line-voltage pros:

Another option for illuminating your outdoor space is line-voltage lights. Line-voltage lights are fairly inexpensive because you don’t need a transformer.

Line-voltage cons:

Unfortunately, most areas require that you have an electrical license to install line-voltage deck lighting. Because installation of line-voltage fixtures is firmly enforced, you must use an approved electrical box and exposed cables must be enclosed.

solar-deck-lightSolar-powered pros:

If you’re looking for an easy installation, then solar-powered lighting is a great alternative. They solely rely on sunlight and require no electrical connection, timers, or light switches.

Solar-powered cons:

Since solar-powered lighting requires at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, then it is probably not the best choice for shaded decks or regions that don’t get much sunlight.

Whichever deck lighting fixture is best for you and your deck, they will all add a decorative accent and extra ambiance to your outdoor living space.  Check out our deck lighting page to see your available options today.

Deck Safety Tips: Don’t Turn Off the Light!

See your deck in a new light with Advantage Deck Lighting!

See your deck in a new light with Advantage Deck Lighting!

This time of year brings good weather well into the night. This could mean a lot of late night parties, or get togethers. When we spend more time outdoors at night, we need adequate lighting to maintain a reasonable level of safety. This is why it’s important to have enough working lighting available so you can keep the party going as long as you’d like.

At First Light!

Cleaning the lights is a way to brighten up your space immediately. Chances are your deck hasn’t seen a foot on it in months, which is plenty of time for dirt and grime to plaster itself on the fixtures. Refer to your owners manual for the best course of action for cleaning any light fixtures.

Keep Plants and Trees in the Dark

If you have existing lighting, make sure it’s all in working order. It’s been a while since you’ve used your deck, so there is the possibility plant life or trees have overtaken certain areas of your deck. Trim these up as necessary.

Don’t take this Lightly

One extremely important item to look for with lighting, that can be easily overlooked, is to check all of the electrical outlets. Find out your local building codes and see if your outlets are up to date. If children are going to be present, the outlets MUST be childproof. Clean the outlets, if necessary, and check to make sure they’re waterproof. You never know what summer weather can bring.

If you have to use electrical extension cords, first make sure they are approved for outdoor use. Place them out of traffic areas and keep them secure so they don’t pose a tripping hazard.

Lighten Up

If you do not have sufficient lighting on your deck, and maybe even your walkways, it’s important you install some. Not only does this add safety, but it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space as long as you’d like.

See Your Deck in a New Light with Advantage Lumber®

This year we started carrying a new line of deck lighting products! Our lights are available in a variety of colors and designs. They all come with the benefits of being easy-to-install, energy efficient, and versatile in all weather conditions, while creating the desired ambiance for your outdoor space.

If you are unsure about how to install lighting, it’s crucial to contact a local licensed contractor/electrician who is familiar with outdoor, electrical installation. Lighting is not something to take on by yourself, especially if you don’t have a certification for the process.

So go ahead, throw that late night party and enjoy your deck until the sun comes up!