Rooftop Deck Ideas and Benefits

Building a rooftop deck can offer a variety of benefits, adding value not just to your property but also to your lifestyle: Remember, while rooftop decks have many benefits, they also require proper planning and construction to ensure safety and durability. It’s also important to check local building codes and restrictions before starting such a …

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What is Shiplap Siding

Ipe Shiplap SIding

Shiplap siding is a type of siding typically made from solid wood featuring a rabbet joint or groove on either side of each board. When installed, the boards slightly overlap, creating a distinct visual effect with evenly spaced horizontal seams. It’s often used both on the exterior of buildings and indoors for a rustic or …

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How Long Do Wood Decks Last? A Comprehensive Guide to Wood Deck Lifespan

Ipe Wood

If you’re planning to build a deck for your home, you’re likely wondering, “how long do wood decks last?” Deck lifespan is an essential factor to consider as it can greatly impact your future maintenance costs and the overall longevity of your investment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the durability of various wood species, …

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Grey Composite Decking Options for 2023

There are many grey color options for composite decking as well as PVC decking products. We stock Trex, TimberTech by Azek and TanDeck. We have many grey color composite deck boards for you to choose from. Grey Trex Composite Decking Trex offers several grey composite decking options. Here are some of the grey tones that …

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The 5 Best Woods for Porch Ceilings

Every home enthusiast knows that a well-constructed porch ceiling significantly enhances a home’s curb appeal. While choosing the right wood for your porch ceiling can be a challenging task, we’ve done the legwork for you. In this article, we will explore the five best woods for porch ceilings: Plantation Teak, Tigerwood, Pecky Bolivian Walnut, Ipe, …

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What is Joist Tape?

The joist tape that we recommend is: DeckWise® WiseWrap® JoistTape™ It’s a flexible polyethylene waterproof wood flashing designed to protect your decking structure. This high-quality material is fortified with a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive, offering superior protection against moisture. Each roll comes in a generous size of 3 inches wide and 75 feet long, with …

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