The Benefits of Rainscreen Siding with Aluminum Standoff Hidden Fasteners

Rainscreen siding is no stranger to the world of modern architectural designs. Its ability to provide an external layer to a building, which helps in shedding water and protecting the underlying structure, has made it a popular choice for many.

However, with the introduction of aluminum standoff hidden fasteners, the game has changed. These fasteners eliminate the need for wood furring strips, thus enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the siding.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of this innovative method:

Enhanced Durability:

Aluminum standoff hidden fasteners are corrosion-resistant. Unlike wood furring strips, which can decay, rot, or attract pests, aluminum maintains its strength and integrity for a longer duration, ensuring that the rainscreen siding stays securely attached and effective.

Improved Aesthetics:

The absence of visible fasteners offers a clean and sleek look to the siding, allowing the beauty of the rainscreen material – be it wood, composite, or any other – to shine through unobstructed.

Uniform Vent Gap:

The aluminum standoff hidden fasteners ensure a consistent vent gap between the siding and the underlying structure. This uniform 3/4 inch vent space facilitates better airflow and drainage, preventing moisture buildup and potential water damage.

Additionally wood furring strips can vary in thickness and are not always the highest quality. This can cause your siding to have a wavy look rather than a nice plumb flat clean installation. These aluminum hidden fasteners help provide a more uniform install.

Reduced Thermal Bridging:

Without wood furring strips acting as thermal bridges, there’s a reduction in energy loss. This can contribute to better insulation, ensuring a more energy-efficient building.

Easier Installation:

With the absence of wood furring strips, the installation process becomes more streamlined and less time-consuming. Furthermore, the precision of aluminum standoff fasteners ensures that the rainscreen siding panels are held in place correctly, reducing chances of misalignment.


Over time, the combined benefits of reduced maintenance, enhanced durability, and better energy efficiency can lead to significant cost savings for homeowners or building managers.

Increased Building Longevity:

By effectively keeping moisture away from the structure and facilitating better drainage and ventilation, the risks of mold, rot, and structural damage reduce considerably, potentially extending the life of the building.

In conclusion, rainscreen siding equipped with aluminum standoff hidden fasteners presents a revolution in the world of construction and design. By eliminating the need for wood furring strips, these fasteners offer not just aesthetic benefits but also enhance the siding’s functional aspects. It’s an investment that combines beauty, functionality, and sustainability – a trifecta that modern architecture and conscious consumers highly appreciate.

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