Where to Buy the Finest Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring: The Advantages of Purchasing Direct from Lumber Mills

When it comes to flooring options, Brazilian Cherry Hardwood stands out for its rich reddish brown tones, unique grain patterns, and incredible janka hardness.

Its robustness and distinctive beauty have made it a top choice for homeowners and builders alike, looking for a luxurious and resilient flooring solution. If you’ve set your heart on this premium option, it’s worth considering the many benefits of purchasing directly from a lumber mill, as opposed to a flooring store.

Many flooring stores purchase their Brazilian Cherry Hardwood from wholesalers, who in turn source the lumber from various mills. The wood then typically undergoes a finishing process that is outsourced, sometimes to China, where a cheaper finish may be applied to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this economical measure can potentially degrade the quality of your flooring over time.

Purchasing direct from a lumber mill can provide a multitude of advantages that far surpass the convenience and perceived cost savings of buying from a flooring store. Let’s delve into some of the benefits of this procurement route.

Unparalleled Grading Quality

Lumber mills conduct rigorous and standardized grading processes to ensure the wood’s quality. When you buy directly from the mill, you’re privy to a thorough quality check that ensures the wood’s strength, durability, and aesthetics are up to par.

This level of scrutiny is often absent when the wood is bought from a wholesaler, leaving the final consumer unsure of the product’s real quality.

Superior Finishing Process

When the finishing process is outsourced, especially overseas, it’s hard to oversee the quality control of the final product. The wood might be subjected to cheaper finishing methods, which can adversely affect its longevity and appearance.

Direct buying from a lumber mill circumvents this issue, as many reputable mills handle the finishing process in-house, using top-tier finishes that highlight the wood’s natural beauty and boost its resistance to wear and tear.

Transparency and Traceability

When purchasing from a lumber mill, you gain an understanding of where the wood is sourced, how it’s processed, and its journey from the mill to your home.

This transparency gives you peace of mind and assurance about the flooring’s quality and sustainability, something that is often lost when purchasing through intermediaries.


Despite popular belief, buying direct from the source can also be cost-effective. While there may be slightly higher upfront costs, the superior quality and durability of the wood and finish mean fewer repairs or replacements down the line. This long-term perspective can save you a significant amount over the lifespan of your floor.

So, where do you start? Research local and national lumber mills that offer Brazilian Cherry Hardwood flooring. Check their reputation, customer reviews, and certifications to ensure they adhere to the highest industry standards.

At AdvantageLumber.com we operate our own mills and control the production of our own Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring from the tree to finished box that arrives to your home.

By controlling the production at every level we ensure ourselves as well as our customers that we are producing the best quality Brazilian Cherry flooring that you can buy. We sell direct to anyone regardless if you want one box of flooring or an entire truck load.

You can buy Brazilian Cherry direct from our online store and have it shipped direct to your home or job site.


In conclusion, while flooring stores and wholesalers have their place in the market, buying Brazilian Cherry Hardwood flooring directly from a lumber mill like AdvantageLumber.com offers distinct benefits. You’ll get access to superior grading, quality finishes, full transparency, and potentially cost savings in the long run. So, when it comes to investing in your dream flooring, consider going straight to the source for the finest Brazilian Cherry Hardwood flooring.

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