Is Your Ipe Decking Grey?

Powerwash Ipe Decking
If you have an Ipe deck that has been neglected or gone grey don’t worry you can quickly make it look new again. Naturally the UV rays of the sun will strip the color out of the surface of wood and many other materials, even composites that claim they won’t fade. The problem with other materials is that they will eventually fade and there’s nothing you can do to them after that. Fortunately you have an Ipe deck and can quickly bring it back to life.

Here’s a picture of a customer’s deck on their seasonal summer home. This home sits vacant for 8 months out of the year and sees extreme winters and summers. The owners got busy with life as many of us do and let the deck go. However as you can see in this picture a quick pressure wash with a wide fan tip brings it back to looking like new again. After the ipe decking dries all you need to do is simply roll on some Ipe Oil and you are good to go for awhile.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Ipe Decking Grey?

  1. Claudia Mai

    My ipe deck and railing was built in 2014. I applied ipe oil to the railing but not to the deck. Now the deck is grey and has spots of mildew. I have tried cleaning it with a cleaner and brightener using a power wash and a scrub brush but it still looks grey. Can you recommend a good cleaner and where I can buy it? I tried a pressure washer, but it left streaks and did not remove the grey color. I have tried a cleaner and brightener and used a scrub brush, but it still looks grey. I want to use IPE oil to protect it from moisture but it is still grey looking. Is the only option to sand it with an orbital sander? What do you recommend? When it is wet it has the red color I like but as it dries, it goes back to grey. What do you recommend to clean it and bring back the natural color?

  2. theipeguy Post author

    If the color still comes back when it gets wet then you should be fine to apply Ipe Oil once the deck is completely dry. Make sure you follow all the directions on the can of Ipe Oil and you should be fine. The only concern is you mentioned streaks from the pressure washer. It should be pretty consistent if you pressure wash it properly make sure you use the widest fan tip in your pressure washer and do it nice and even, if need be they sell attachments that are made for doing driveways that are round and give nice results and make pressure washing decks pretty easy.

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