How to Get Snow off Your Deck: An Easy Checklist

Winter is here, and although the joy of a beautiful snow covered landscape is great, it’s accompanied by freezing temperatures. These cold winds are also responsible for a lot of our indoor hibernation which can lead to some neglected decks.

Ipe Deck and Snow Load

Now, to help you tackle on the snow that has covered your deck, we have put together a quick checklist of items you’ll need to keep your deck in tip top shape!

  • DO NOT USE ROCK SALT! – Unfortunately, this is something we have to put on the checklist. Although it is one of the most common ways to melt snow, it’s the worst thing for your deck. Salt is small fine crystals that displace water and reduce the rate of freezing / melting. The harm that happens with salt is it’s corrosive and will dry out the wood.
  • Use the Right Shovel – The right tool for the right job. Everyone has a shovel to remove snow from driveways and yards. The problem is that while one shovel works for many surfaces, your deck requires a special one. Rubber tipped shovels will prove their weight in gold with getting snow off your deck.
  • Shovel the Right Way – Believe it or not, there is a specific way to shovel snow off a deck. Shovel along the grain of the decking. The last thing you want during winter is to compromise the surface of the board. Shoveling against the grain can create small cracks for water to enter.
  • Sweep off Excess Snow – This one doesn’t require a special broom. Sweeping off the excess snow will help maintain a cleaner surface over all.

Just follow this easy checklist when the snow starts falling! It will help you take a load off your deck the right way. Not to mention, maybe once in a while if you venture outside to enjoy the winter landscape, you’ll feel safe knowing your deck is in top shape, even in winter.

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