How to Zombie Proof Your Home!

It seems like it’s inevitable, the zombie apocalypse is coming. So what are we to do when this doomsday approaches? We’ll zombie-proof our homes, of course!

Now you may be wondering why you’re on a decking blog reading about zombies, but if The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that we can live amongst the undead.

Here’s where we get down to business, order ipe decking. When you hear about the first victim of this catastrophe, order as much ipe decking as you can OR if you have an ipe deck prepare to dismantle it. After all, I doubt you’ll want to spend any time in an outdoor area as the world starts turning into the undead. Next, I want you to go outside and start boarding up your windows and doors!

Don’t forget to end seal those boards though if you’re going to cut them. If you don’t end seal the deck boards, they will lead to warping and cracking and could leave a weak point for the zombies to enter. After you have end sealed the boards and they’re dry, it’s time to attach the boards to the windows.

Don’t forget to predrill! If you skip the predrilling, the boards will crack and you will break screws. Time is a matter of life and death and this point don’t make any more work for yourself. As for the fasteners? Go with stainless steel screws. Coated screws will fail you. You don’t want to turn into a zombie because of a fastener, do you?

Ipe will last you over 75 years, so even if the apocalypse last for several decades, your boarded up house will too. This hardwood resists mold, decay and insects, and the bony hands of zombies.

Now we can’t guarantee that your neighbors won’t give you weird looks for boarding up your windows with ipe decking, but we can guarantee that they’re going to regret going with soft woods like pine or worse…COMPOSITES. Everyone knows that it’s a fact that zombies will break soft woods right? it’s in every movie and novel ever made!

Stay safe and stay alive during the Zombie Apocalypse!

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