Wood of the Month: Aromatic Cedar

Cedar wood is perhaps one of the most storied woods in history. Cedar’s amazing properties are the reason why it’s prevailed for centuries. During a recent renovation in Newport, RI the contractor needed aromatic cedar to maintain the historical accuracy of the structure. AdvantageLumber.com supplied him with high-quality aromatic cedar to provide the structural support needed.


Most cedar, but aromatic in particular, has a strong scent that is pleasant to us, but insects detest it. The naturally occurring odor comes from the evaporation of the wood’s oils. If the smell fades, a light sanding will bring it back. It’s no wonder many cabinets are lined with aromatic cedar.


Aside from the beautiful aroma, aromatic cedar heartwood is very resistant to rot and requires no additional chemical treatments. Natural durability is the reason there are so many uses for it besides the common cabinet and chest lining.

  • Children’s play structures
  • Interior siding, outdoor furniture
  • Fence Posts


At AdvantageLumber.com we provide you with quality aromatic cedar heartwood for any of your woodworking needs. Luckily, aromatic cedar grows in our own back yard near our factory in North Carolina. Because of this distinct advantage, we are able to obtain, mill, and ship aromatic cedar quickly to all our customers. We currently offer Aromatic Cedar in many different sizes such as normal 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and even beams as large as 7” x 7”.

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  1. Do you sell Cedar wood for deck?

    We are looking for following Cedar wood size
    31 – 12 x6x5/4 pregrooved
    6 – 12×5/4×6 single sided grooved
    2 – 12×5/4×6 standard
    1 – 18×5/4×6 standard

    PLease let me know,


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