The End of Another Brazilian Rainy Season

Ipe Logs
The rainy season in Brazil, which runs from approximately mid-December to mid-May, is finally coming to an end. This year’s unusually long rainy season has made transporting rough sawn logs to and from our lumber mills in South America very difficult. This in turn has slowed down the entire process of converting logs into finished decking boards. With the rainy season  just about over, rough sawn logs are starting to roll into our mills on a more consistent basis.

The photo above shows Ipe logs arriving at our lumber mill in Brazil. With better weather forecasted for the upcoming months, production is expected to be ramped up allowing us to replenish our decking inventory.

Our Import Division travels the world seeking only the highest-grade materials. They are currently in South America inspecting loads of decking which are being processed for import to our lumber mills in the United States and for export to our customers around the world. Our proven supply chain solutions ensure all international export rules are followed for legal customs processing. Contact our Wholesale/International Sales Division: 941-388-9299.


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