The Environment and Your Decking is committed to responsible forestry. is committed to responsible forestry.

Preserving the rainforest is a concern shared by companies, countries, and individuals all over the world. The rainforests are a unique niche in which an abundant array of species live and thrive. Not only is the rainforest a habitat for animals and wildlife, but it also provides an abundant amount of oxygen to our atmosphere. Unfortunately, because of economic and political pressures, ecological priorities are often pushed aside.

People who are indigenous to the rainforest have found themselves at a crossroads between their own survival or preserving the rainforest. The need for survival has caused large areas to be slashed and burned to make way for cattle grazing. The burned down forests won’t replenish and are ultimately lost forever. The best solution for deforestation is giving rainforests a monetary value. This keeps people who need jobs working and gives governments as well as local people incentives to preserve the environment.

Advantage Lumber is proud to work with the government agency IBAMA , which is the Brazilian equivalent of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in order to sustainably manage the rainforest. Only trees that no longer provide benefits to the forest are harvested. In fact, most of the trees selected for felling are known as wolf trees, and take valuable resources from smaller trees. They are carefully selected; only a few can be harvested in an area the size of a football field.

Our commitment to these sustainable practices has earned us an FSC chain of custody certification, and we are also Rainforest Alliance Certified. A chain of custody certification is only granted to companies that adhere to strict independent policies in every aspect of the harvesting process, from felling the tree to storage and transportation. The Rainforest Alliance Certification is granted only when we meet the most rigorous standards that the Rainforest Alliance imposes on logging.

The rainforest is beneficial to everyone and everything. It’s up to companies and people to put a tangible value on it in order to conserve it. Buying hardwood decking from a company known for practicing sustainable harvesting is one of the best ways to preserve this invaluable area of our planet.


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