Can You Install Advantage Deck Tiles™ Over Concrete? Yes!


Do you have an ugly, old concrete patio and have no idea what to do with it? You’re not alone; many people have had this same exact problem. How did they resolve their gross, gray problem? The answer is Advantage Deck Tiles!

Advantage Deck Tiles™ are the simplest way to transform your boring outdoor space into a blissful retreat. Installing deck tiles over concrete is easier than putting together a child’s puzzle. Watch this video to see how truly quick and easy the installation process is.

Once you’re finished, you will not only have a new and improved outdoor living space; you will have a deck that is so durable and resilient that you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance.

Don’t wait any longer! Advantage Deck Tiles are on sale right now. Once you’re done with your quick DIY decking project, all you have left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new oasis!

3 thoughts on “Can You Install Advantage Deck Tiles™ Over Concrete? Yes!”

  1. Hello

    I’m looking to cover my cement seawall top here in S Florida and am looking for ideas. The area is approximatley 3 feet wide by 85 feet long. Can you please give me some suggestions on your products?

  2. It’s hard for us to make specific recommendations without seeing your application. We do get many customers however that use our hardwood decking for their seawall caps, we typically recommend they use our 5/4 x 4″ decking boards as the thicker and narrower boards are less likely to cup. They should also never be fastened directly to concrete so there should be wood sleepers that would allow our deck boards to have sir circulating underneath. Contact our sales team 1-877-232-3915 and they can give you specifics, you can also send them pictures or drawings of your application.

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