Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail: Ipe Bridge is Beautiful in this Columbus Nature Park

The Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail Bridge Spans over Rt. 33 in Columbus. Photo by Shari Lewis

The Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail Bridge Spans over Rt. 33 in Columbus.
Photo by Shari Lewis

Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail is a trail that spans 12 miles of Blacklick Creek in Reynoldsburg, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. This creek is 27 miles long that covers three counties in the Coluonmbus metro area. Blacklick Creek received its name from Native Americas who noticed the many animals that came to the creek licked the black salt stones along its bank.

Columbus transitions from a humid continental and humid subtropical climate. The winters are long, cold, and dry, and the summers are hot and humid. The city’s location makes it susceptible to the traditional midwestern thunderstorms, hail, and possible tornadoes.

When designing a bridge for the Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail, officials had the opportunity to choose a strong reliable hardwood. They needed something that would be able to stand the test of time against harsh winters, and humid summers. Ipe decking was perfect for the job, since it excels in almost any climate.

Ipe hardwood has the ability to resist water intrusion. Why is this? It’s because the natural grain of this hardwood is extremely tight and dense. It keeps the water out, so it doesn’t even have a chance to cause any warping, cracking, or splitting of the deck board.

With an exotic hardwood like Advantage Ipe, you can’t go wrong. It lasts up to 100 years, it resists warping, cracking, and splitting. Water just rolls off of the grain. It’s no wonder why Ipe has been such a trusted material when it comes to long term application. The results speak for themselves, Ipe wont let you down.

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