End Coating Exotic Hardwood Decking

Wood seeks and absorbs water predominately through saw cuts and exposed grains. As wood dries, it shrinks. Any change in moisture content to some parts of the boards will cause expansion and contraction cycles of the wood. This movement can lead to cracking and splitting.

During the process of installing your new deck you will have to cut the boards to length. After cutting, you must seal the ends with a wax based emulsion such as Hardwood End Grain Sealer. Unsealed end grains will lead to a legacy of unwanted and costly maintenance, checking, splitting and cupping of the deck lumber. Using a hardwood End Grain Sealer will help minimize splitting and checking at the end of the boards.


  • Apply Immediately after cutting, before final installation, but do not get it on the face of the boards, if that happen, please wipe it off immediately.
  • One quarter of end sealer covers approx. 500 square feet of decking.

For more info about How to End Seal Hardwood Decking, check out this video:

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