Behind the Scenes – Deck Tile Installation Video

Our Video Crew Interviewing a Deck Builder

We recently visited a home remodel project in St. Petersburg, Florida. At this job site, we were able to ask one contractor what it was like to install the deck tile system. What he said about the tiles and deck tile connectors pretty much backed up the experience many of our customers have already had. After all, it’s one thing to read about how fast and easy this decking tile system is to install, it’s another to hear it from someone who’s actually completed a project. Here’s the video showing both the installation and finished terrace:

How To Install Deck Tiles on a Rooftop Balcony

To see more, visit our deck tile installation videos page at These videos showcase just how easy it is to install our 20×20 ipe deck tiles on either a worn concrete slab, or a balcony/terrace.

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