Sometimes, Bigger is Better: 5/4×6 Pregrooved Cumaru Decking

If you live in a colder climate and are concerned about issues that are known to plague weaker materials like Redwood, Cedar, and Pine, then choosing a thick and robust material is advisable. Often in cold, dry climates, softer woods can experience excessive shrinkage, cupping, splitting, and other nasty surprises. Our custom-milled 5/4×6 Pregrooved Cumaru decking is one wood that naturally stands up to the elements much easier than other options. The reason? Because Cumaru is already filled with natural oils and a tight grain, it’s able to resist many of the problems you’d like to avoid.

Check out this informative video showcasing the benefits of choosing 5/4×6 Cumaru that is pregrooved for hidden deck fasteners:

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