Advantage Lumber, LLC Wows Homeowners With Massaranduba Decking

Buffalo, NY January 3, 2012

Advantage Lumber, LLC is proud to announce the introduction of Massaranduba decking to their line of exotic deck materials. Known as Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba is a favorite decking material among European deck designers due to its lush color and excellent durability. For Americans looking to build a beautiful and reliable deck, Massaranduba is a solid choice since it is over three times harder than teak.

According to General Manager, Chris Foreman, “Many people have called saying they like the reddish color of Redwood or Cedar. However, they’d feel more comfortable buying and building their deck with a material that was harder and sturdier. Now that we offer Massaranduba our customers won’t have to settle for a softer wood, or plastic looking, expensive composites.”

Native to South America, Massaranduba is one of the hardest woods in the world. One fact about this Brazilian redwood is its excellent performance under heavy load (bending strength) tests. These tests revealed that Massaranduba is over two times stronger than California Redwood and even stronger than Ipe decking.

In an apples-to-apples comparison between Redwood and Massaranduba, the results showcase just how much homeowners have to gain from using this exotic decking:

  • Massaranduba is over 7.5 times more durable than Redwood (Redwood Janka Hardness = 420 vs. Massaranduba Janka Hardness = 3,190)
  • Massaranduba is over 2 times stronger than Redwood (Redwood Bending Strength = 10,000psi vs. Massaranduba Bending Strength of 27,280psi)

Here are some more benefits homeowners can expect when they choose Massaranduba decking from

  • Priced comparable with Ipe and composites
  • Knot free, anti-slip surface offers extra slip resistance
  • Excellent bending strength for maximum durability
  • Superb mold, rot and fungal decay resistance
  • Low maintenance with a 20+ year lifespan
  • Responsibly harvested from managed forests
  • 100% natural, chemical free material
  • Ready to be shipped worldwide

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