Composite Decking Tropical Wood Marketing Campaign Unravels On Earth Day

This Earth Day, Advantage Lumber, LLC is advising the public to carefully review and question the claims and warranty information that these products come with. The claims of composite decking companies make are being disputed by actual customers. Mold, discoloration, and decomposing composite deck boards are some of the problems that have led to government recalls, and civil lawsuits. Ultimately, the reviews that these homeowners are providing are prime examples of why composite decking is not eco-friendly, or maintenance free.

Buffalo, NY (Vocus) April 22, 2010

Advantage Lumber, LLC is advising customers to carefully review the warranty and all terms and conditions from companies that sell composite decking. This advisory is necessary due to the recent rash of new products that claim to be authentic looking and more reliable alternatives to genuine hardwood decking. These companies have spent millions of dollars to pass off their imitation hardwood products onto a public eager for dependable and eco-friendly decking materials. However, after many installations, many unsatisfied customers are starting to share and expose the problems they’ve encountered with composite decking.

One such person is Ms. Eads. She wrote to Advantage Lumber, LLC complaining about the condition of her two-year old composite deck made by a leading manufacturer. In just two years of ownership, she was plagued by “unsightly black spots so close together that when you look out our beautiful windows, it is repulsive.” She also wrote that her 70 year old husband, “has to clean it every 2 months” and that “any board that is exposed to the weather and sun is a nightmare and awful.” She ended her letter with an understandable regret, “I wish we could do this over again.”

According to Sales Manager, Jon Fletcher, “Even though we only sell hardwood decking, it is not uncommon for people to call us to ask about maintaining their composite deck. To make matters worse, when they had discovered that many of their problems are not covered under warranty, they end up asking us how much it would cost to replace their deck with real hardwood decking. It’s unfortunate that people have to spend their hard earned money twice over just to build a deck they can depend on.” He added, “It’s important for people to sift through the marketing hype and realize that just because there is an “eco-friendly decking” label slapped onto an ad, it doesn’t mean that the product is either sustainable, or that it will meet your needs. When you consider that most brands of composite decking cannot be adequately recycled by local recycling centers, the result is a lot of plastic decking getting thrown into landfills. This is another reason why we feel that people need to be aware that plastic decking materials are not as eco-friendly as the advertisements claim.”

Prior to buying Composite Decking, customers are advised to:

  • Carefully review the Warranty information
  • Compare the eco-friendly qualities of the materials in question
  • Research composite decking recalls and lawsuits
  • Ask for a free sample and see for yourself if it meets your standards
  • Avoid purchasing based solely on the short-term looks
  • Focus on the long term viability of any decking you consider

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Update: Composite decking has changed a lot over the years, and manufacturers are constantly improving the product. Many of the problems that plagued synthetic decking in the past have been solved. But not all companies and products are equal; always do your research, and only buy composite decking from reputable brands!

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