What is Comparable to Burmese Teak?

When comparing teak to other hardwoods, you’ll be surprised how affordable the alternatives are.

You may have noticed that this blog mentions teak quite a bit. This is because we often get people asking us what alternatives there are to one specific species of this popular hardwood, Burmese Teak. There are many high-quality and affordable alternatives to Burmese Teak.

  • Ipe Wood
  • Cumaru
  • Tigerwood 
  • Garapa 
  • Massaranduba
  • Plantation Teak

These six species offer beautiful exotic looks, resiliency, and are more affordable. Yes, even ipe is more affordable than Burmese Teak. In my opinion, all of those previously mentioned exotic hardwood species also look better too. They also have the advantage of needing very little maintenance thanks to strong termite, mold, and decay resistance.

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