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Owner, Rob Pelc personally watched how our inventory of cocobolo was harvested.
Owner, Rob Pelc personally watched how our inventory of cocobolo was harvested.

The cocobolo tree in Mexico usually grow around the ridges of the Sierra Madres mountain range. It’s not unusual for the distance between trees to be up to 3 miles apart.

Logging Mexican cocobolo using modern methods that utilize modern equipment would devastate the forest. There’s really no good reason to destroy pristine forests with roads, that would be filled with cars and equipment spilling fuel. Moreover, the cutting of other trees just to get to one mature cocobolo is needless.

To preserve the forest and to make a decent living, the people of Mexico work really hard and use hand held tools and old fashioned man power to extract these gems. Because cocobolo is such a durable exotic hardwood, even the dead trees that have fallen in the forest are perfect. Not only does the harvesting of fallen trees make sense, but it’s also a practical and safe way to get the precious heartwood. Dead tress will, over time, shed their sapwood leaving the heartwood in place. Because the loggers are extremely conscious of their environment and their livelihood, they realize that to clear cut the forest or to take out every healthy cocobolo tree would be a quick fix and would destroy their community in the long run. This is why they do what they can to protect the area for future use.

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