Beware of Decking Companies that Promote Deforestation

Just like any industry, there are bad players who would rather make a quick buck than conduct and promote business practices that ensure their and the industry’s long term viability. To put it simply, there are lumber companies that act like modern-day pirates. They will invade and pillage anywhere they can, regardless of the consequences.

Some lumber companies don’t care about what get’s left behind. There is a better way!

I’ve just heard that there is a truck decking company that, after clear cutting hundreds of acres in Malaysia for Apitong, they have now set their sites on Brazil. This despicable company has already demonstrated that they have zero regard for the environment and are intent on giving environmentally responsible lumber companies bad press. Frankly, we are sick of these companies and are calling their practices out for what they really are. Not all lumber companies are the same…

Just because we sell lumber doesn’t mean that we endorse and practice clear-cutting and blatant deforestation. Unlike other unscrupulous companies, is the leader in sustainable forestry practices. We practice what we preach by partnering with the Forest Stewardship Council as a FSC Chain of Custody company and by being members of the United States Green Building Council.

We understand that there are legitimate concerns about deforestation, this is why we:

  • Harvest fallen and dead trees so that new trees can grow
  • Harvest trees that no longer produce seeds
  • Plant five new trees for every one that has been cut
  • Endorse and practice selective logging

So, if you’re considering buying truck decking, ipe decking, or any other hardwood material, be 100% certain that you’re dealing with a company that doesn’t blatantly destroy the environment.

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