Deck Fasteners Will Save You Time & Money

Building a deck is something that you want done right the first time without any regrets. One sure way to have a deck that you can look at years from now and still feel great about is through making sure that your initial deck installation is done correctly and efficiently.

Let’s face it…how awesome would it be to take that first step out onto your deck and see a clean

and smooth deck without any nails or popups?

If that’s the deck you want to have, then using deck fasteners are highly recommended. One of the most cost-efficient and effective deck fasteners systems on the market today is made by the Ipe Clip® brand.

Ipe Clip® deck fasteners have the following features:

  • Created with High Strength UV Resistant material
  • Build a deck without laborious and time-consuming “face screwing” methods
  • Complete deck fastener kits with screws are available
  • Quickly and efficient deck installation
  • Deck fasteners allow for proper expansion and contraction of deck boards
  • Hidden deck fasteners leave no unattractive screw holes or splinters
  • Less deck installation time = decreased labor costs
  • Can be used with Air-dried decking, kiln-dried decking, and composite decking

The versatility of ipe clips makes them the perfect option for domestic hardwoods, exotic hardwoods, softwoods, synthetic decking, or composite decking materials.

So, if you’re looking to deck fastening to ensure that your deck looks clean and attractive for years to come, check out the folks at Ipe Clip®. They even have a great deck fastener calculator that will show you exactly how many deck fasteners you will need to build your deck. How handy is that!?!

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