A Deck Tool That’s Easy to Use & Built to Last

If you’ve ever tried building a deck one of the most annoying and agonizing things to do is deck board straightening. This is why Advantage Lumber offers the best deck tool on the market, the  Hardwood Wrench™ Deck Board Straightening Tool. This deck tool has been designed to straighten bowed decking boards without any extra effort on your part.

I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a deck board wrench that has been engineered to straighten even some of the toughest hardwoods like ipe not too mention decking such as pressure-treated lumber, cedar, etc.

The Hardwood Wrench makes installing a deck really simple since it speeds up installation for a more precise and clean installation process. Plus, because the hardwood wrench cam locks into place and allows you to fasten the deck board while the wrench holds the deck board straight, there is no need for a second person to hold the deck board.

I’m sure you can agree that freeing up that extra set of hands is important because they can be off doing something more productive. So, if you find yourself short on manpower, the hardwood wrench can deliver true hands free “one man” operation.

The Hardwood Wrench is a deck board straightening tool that has the following features:

  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • A solid hardwood handle
  • Adjustable deck tool that perfectly fits a variety of joist sizes
  • A self-locking cam design for hands-free holding power

At a recent International Builders Show in Las Vegas, deck builders and general contractors spoke very highly of this Hardwood Wrench. Our loyal customers who have purchased a Hardwood Wrench also tell us that the tool’s quality, strength, and ease of use definitely made it a great deck tool.

Unlike similar deck tools, the Hardwood Wrench is designed with you in mind. By purchasing deck tools that are easy to use, durable and long-lasting, deck builders and homeowners alike can save labor costs and precious time. Simply put, no other deck board straightening tool offers these features and benefits.

If you’d like to see this ground-breaking and easy-to-use deck tool in action, check out the Hardwood Wrench website to see a brief demonstration video. It take s just 30 seconds to see how easy it is to install ipe decking, or any other hardwood decking!

5 thoughts on “A Deck Tool That’s Easy to Use & Built to Last”

  1. Tammy,
    Thank you for this question. We offer two tools to assist in the straightening of bent or warped boards. The first is the Bowrench which can be a decent tool. It costs $55.00. The second deck tool is the Hardwood Wrench. This deck tool, in my opinion, is the better of the two due to its ability to apply significantly more force which in turn makes it much easier to move dense material such as Ipe or Tigerwood. The Hardwood Wrench is also made in the United States and is built with only highest grade materials such as aircraft grade aluminum. Also, the Hardwood Wrench will not slip on the joist as other, less sturdy deck tools do. The cost is $199.00. But as in all deck tools, you get what you pay for. I personally have had customers order multiple Bowrenchs as they often break through the thin aluminum walls. On the other hand, the Hardwood Wrench is a one time purchase and for some of our contractors has been a life saver. Needless to say, they have told us that when before it took multiple deck tools to get the job done, they were able to use the Hardwood Wrench on multiple job sites without a problem at all.

    Let me know if there is any other questions or concerns that I may be able to help you with.

    Thanks again for the question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

  2. We originally purchased the Hardwood Wrench for our decking business and didn’t realize that we could use it on other projects. My crew and I were installing a tongue & groove floor and the material was a bit bowed. So by luck I had my wrench in the truck and put it to work. It not only saved the day; but also made me realize what a good investment I made.

  3. Are you saying the Bowrench will not do the job? For those of us who will be building only one deck, we would rather spend less money and not have an expensive tool sitting in the garage collecting dust. Of course we want the tool to work and do what we need it to do. I don’t need the agravation of having to tweak the tool to make it work.

    So is it worth buying the Bowrench?

  4. The Bowrench this is a single job type of tool. It will get you through a single job just fine. However, from my personal experience don’t expect much more than that. The Hardwood Wrench is crafted from much better products right here in the USA. It’s the type of tool that you can expect to have for a while.

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