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Black Heart Persimmon Panels, Custom Long Length Hickory Flooring – What Our NC Facility Creates

There’s no doubt that we love wood, and we take pride in creating custom wood products for you. In North Carolina, our machines will plane, cut, and mold just about any wood available into the material you need.
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Wood of the Month: Ambrosia Maple (Wormy Maple)

Covered with unique patterns, Ambrosia Maple is the perfect wood for anyone who seeks one of a kind wood.

Covered with unique patterns, Ambrosia Maple is the perfect wood for anyone who seeks a one of a kind wood.

Ambrosia Maple is a highly coveted wood for many projects because of its very unique and colored patterns. A lot of people often wonder if Ambrosia Maple is a specific species of wood, or if some sort of chemicals were added to give it the interesting patterns. The truth is that Ambrosia maple isn’t a different species, its regular soft maple that has had small beetles called ambrosia beetles nesting in it which carry a certain type of fungus for food.
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Wood of the Week – Rustic Hickory Flooring

Rustic Hickory is a great compliment to Traditional design styles.

What is Rustic Hickory?

Rustic is a Grade of flooring that has a wide color variance in color plus some visual defects which all add to the flooring’s distressed look. This kind of flooring works really well with traditional interior design styles.

Lots of hardwood flooring may claim to be unique. However, with the unique blend of creamy white sapwood and brown to reddish brown heartwood, you will know right away that a floor made of Rustic Hickory is truly distinct.

Hickory has a Janka hardness rating of 1820. This level of strength has made hickory durable enough to be used for golf club shafts and many other high impact tools and goods.

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Beware of Wood Liquidators

Wood liquidators often like to tout their low prices and vast selection of hardwoods. However, the process through which they obtain and treat their lumber is something that they don’t like to talk about.

Hardwood flooring and other lumber that comes from liquidators often tends to have problems after it’s installed. These liquidation companies purchase their chemically treated lumber from China directly or they buy wood from outside the U.S., then ship it all the way to China for it to be processed with toxic glues and other chemicals. The concern here is that some of these Chinese flooring and lumber which have been infused with chemicals such as Formaldehyde will mirror the recent uproar over Chinese drywall.

Hopefully, you can see how this could be a problem for unsuspecting homeowners. VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions are the major culprit for many Chinese lumber issues. This cheap lumber tends to “outgas” which is basically the emission of chemical vapors. These vapors have been given national attention and many people are now paying attention to how their products are treated and where they come from. People who recently built a home that used this chemically infused wallboard had many issues from major appliance malfunction to health related issues such as respiratory infections.

So, if you’re shopping for the best wood, what can you do?

Buy wood from direct importers that don’t use VOCs to treat their flooring.  At Advantage, every species of hardwood flooring that we sell is not treated with any VOCs. From Brazilian Walnut to White Oak, every wood flooring species is treated in our North Carolina plant with VOC free chemicals. The VOC free flooring we produce won’t outgas or cause the air you breathe to be contaminated.