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Cedar, Ipe, or Bamboo: What’s The Right Choice?

The decking industry is constantly growing and it seems like there’s always a “new miracle material” made with fairy dust and rainbows that promises beautiful looks without lifting a finger. However, when we take a deep look into exterior decking products, we begin to see the shortcomings of the miracle materials and the benefits of the tried and true wood decking.
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Sharing Our Customers’ Experience

As a company, we always strive to provide you with material of the highest quality. As customer service professionals, we aim to take care of each and every one of our customers as individuals, making sure you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your project while giving you the one-on-one interaction that many online businesses just don’t have.  As a bonus, we’re also here to help you with every step of your project from start to finish.
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Meet the Splinter – The Only Wooden Supercar in the World

The Splinter car is probably the most beautiful woodworking project ever created. This beautiful car is not just a concept on paper, but is life-sized car! The builder of the Splinter is Joe Harmon, an alumnus of North Carolina State University who began work on this project over 5 years ago as a graduate school project. Joe set-out to create this masterpiece to “push the line on what was considered wood’s limitation as a building material while fulfilling a lifelong dream of designing and building a car from scratch.”
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Pecky Bolivian Walnut: A Stronger Pecky Wood

Pecky Bolivian Walnut is a dark brown wood flecked with the characteristic dark spots and streaks found in pecky lumber.

If you’ve been considering Pecky Cypress for your next project, you might want to take a closer look at Pecky Bolivian Walnut. Bolivian Walnut is overall a higher-quality wood than Cypress. It’s stronger and denser, which makes it less likely to fall apart when cutting near the pecky spots. It’s also less expensive than Pecky Cypress.

We recently added Pecky Bolivian Walnut to our inventory. 4/4 and 8/4 sizes are available, so give us a call if this sounds like the perfect wood for your next project, or visit our website for all our current pricing

New Vacuum Kiln in Florida

Our Amazing Vacupress 2000 arrived in Sarasota, FL earlier this week. This will be our 2nd vacuum kiln and the larger of the two.

Vacuum drying is a very laborious process when compared to traditional forms of kiln but it delivers the straightest and most stable boards in the end. The process that vacuum drying goes through allows the wood to be dried without much oxygen and thus not affecting the colors of the woods.

We’ll be having this Vacupress up and running very soon and drying slabs faster to get them to you.