5/4×6 Ipe Decking – A Reliable & Sturdy Wood Decking Choice

5/4x6 Ipe Wood
The "net" finished dimensions of 5/4x6 S4S E4E.

5/4×6 wood decking is a superior sized deck board for many reasons. The extra thickness provides increased structural stability, a more rigid surface, and is ideal for all exterior applications.

5/4 x 6 Ipe wood decking has given many homeowners a solid, reliable surface that hardly ever has to be tended to, if ever. If you’re looking for decking materials for any deck projects that is going to be installed close to the ground, just having that extra 1/4″ is essential. For instance,   if you’re about to construct a deck, your contractor should insist on buying 5/4×6 hardwood. Why?

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