Pool Deck Resurfacing: The Benefits of Hardwood Deck Tiles Over Concrete

If you have an old concrete pool deck that is cracking and flaking you likely want to resurface your concrete pool deck. An old, cracked concrete pool deck detract from the beauty, usability and safety of your pool.

You can hire a concrete company to demolish and replace a damaged deck as one option. However it’s costly, makes a mess of your yard and shuts down your pool while they are busting up and installing new concrete.

Instead, many are turning to a simpler, cost-effective solution: installing hardwood deck tiles, such as Ipe deck tiles, directly over the existing concrete.

Why Choose Hardwood Deck Tiles Over Concrete?

1. Cost Efficiency

Replacing an entire concrete pool deck involves demolition, removal, and new construction costs. This process is not only expensive but can also take a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, installing hardwood deck tiles over an existing deck is significantly more affordable. There’s no need for demolition—these tiles can be snapped together and laid down directly over the old surface, saving both money and time.

2. Ease of Installation

Hardwood deck tiles are designed for easy installation. Advantage Lumber deck tiles have mounting holes on the back of the tiles to accept the DeckWise Tile Connector. This allows even the most novice DIYers to create a new deck surface in a matter of hours. This simplicity drastically reduces labor costs and complexity compared to pouring new concrete or laying traditional decking.

deck tile concrete resurfacing

3. Durability and Longevity

Hardwoods like Ipe are renowned for their strength and durability, making them ideal for outdoor environments. Ipe, in particular, is resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation, ensuring that your pool deck will withstand the elements for many years. Unlike traditional wood planks, these tiles are specifically treated and constructed to handle harsh weather conditions, including direct exposure to water and sun.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Hardwood deck tiles offer a range of finishes and can dramatically improve the aesthetic of your pool area. With their rich colors and natural grain, these tiles provide a luxurious look that’s hard to achieve with concrete. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, sleek appearance or a more classic, rustic vibe, there’s a style of hardwood tile to suit every taste.

5. Environmental Considerations

Using hardwood tiles can be a more environmentally friendly option than pouring new concrete, which involves a significant amount of energy and resources to produce. Additionally, since many hardwood tiles, like those made from Ipe, are sourced from sustainable forests, choosing these materials can help support responsible forestry practices.

6. Improved Safety

Cracked and flaking concrete can be hard or dangerous on your feet. Concrete retains a lot of heat in direct sun making it unbearable to walk on barefoot. Ipe deck tiles are made from natural hardwood and wood is an insulator and it does not give off heat like concrete does.

7. Versatility

One of the great advantages of deck tiles is their versatility. If you ever decide to change the look of your deck, you can easily uninstall and replace the tiles. This modularity also means that damaged tiles can be replaced without having to redo the entire deck, a major benefit over fixed concrete decks.


Resurfacing your pool deck doesn’t have to be an extensive or prohibitively expensive project. By choosing hardwood deck tiles, you can achieve a stunning, durable, and cost-effective surface that enhances your pool experience. With their combination of aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and resilience, hardwood tiles like Ipe offer a smart solution for homeowners looking to upgrade their pool decks with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to home improvement, these tiles provide an accessible way to transform your outdoor space and make the most of your home.

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